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Dundee On Sunday

And now we go dark here for a while, as I go into prep for getting up at some appalling time in the morning on Saturday to fly to Dundee, where I appear on Sunday evening in conjunction with the TIMEFRAMES event at Dundee University.

Here’s the link to the programme and other information.

As you’ll see, I’ll be signing books at sometime around six pm, and a while later I’ll be talking about god knows what as the final keynote speaker.

Pray the weather’s good, as I don’t have a smoking hotel room and will therefore have to work outside for two days.

Hopefully I’ll see a few of you in Dundee. Otherwise, I’ll be back here Monday. I imagine I’ll be on twitter the whole time giving my usual terrible Narrative of doom.

Behave yourselves and don’t break anything.

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  1. Energoncube Energoncube

    See you there Ellis………been to Dundee before? You’re in for a treat if urine-soaked heck holes are your kinda thing.

  2. energoncube energoncube

    See you there Ellis…….

  3. See you there. I don’t think i’ll be peskering you for your signature this time, however.

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