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  1. God help me, but that’s the first time the X-Men ever made me laugh out loud.


  2. The art is FANTASTIC and the story arc looks engaging. Thank you for constantly sharing your literary gift with the world.

  3. Andy Andy

    Astonishing X-Men is easily my fave in the X-franchise. Can’t wait till this one gets out:)

  4. Ruth Ruth

    Sounds like the Ivory Tower vs The Makers. ;) Forge has always been a liminal character and I’m looking forward to seeing you write him more. Also kudos to Bianchi, I love that cut-out technique.

  5. Jared Jared

    “Emma Frost. I didn’t reconize you with your legs together.”

    HAH! :D

  6. Noel Noel

    WOW! This guy is getting better and better every issue!

    I wasn’t talking about you Ellis.

  7. That’s amazing artwork. And there’s no question who is writing the comic…

  8. Love the way Bianchi has laid out this page. Love it.

  9. “Emma Frost. I didn’t reconize you with your legs together.”

    Sick burn!

    Love it!

  10. It becomes clear now that I merely copied and pasted the quote from Jared’s comment…

    …and it had a typo.


  11. ogamu ogamu

    I was thinking, WOW! Someone has finally removed the wash on Bianchi’s art and I can actually SEE it this time! Can’t wait for this to arrive in my pull box . . .

  12. Pete Pete

    @Matthew Craig – You’ve clearly not been reading enough X-Men. Read Astonishing from the start; The first 24 issues (before Ellis took over) are by Joss Whedon, and are frequently side-splittingly funny.

  13. Michael Michael

    Hmm. Why’s poor Hank looking like something out of Dr. Seuss?

  14. fod_xp fod_xp

    Can’t wait for this one. God help us all, Ellis’ take on the X-Men is irreverent and brutal; and it’s the best damn X-book since Morrison’s New X-Men. Please Warren continue to write this title with Bianchi for another six issues before you two call it quits.

    Warren’s writing and Bianchi’s art keep me hooked on this title, and they are the only reason I buy a Marvel book nowadays.

  15. Eric Eric

    Xmen meets switchbalde honey?

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