Because You Were Too Happy Today

June 18th, 2009 | researchmaterial

Because you were obviously far too happy today, those cheerful scamps at ComingAnarchy have brought you a collection of films about nuclear armageddon. It includes THREADS, which utterly fried my brain in 1984 and helped make me the pure source of joy you know today.

2 Responses to “Because You Were Too Happy Today”

  1. Threads… shared the shit out of me when I saw it as a 15 year old back in 1984 (we were shown it at school as part of Humanites IIRC… quite what the teacher was thinking I’ve no idea, but about a quarter of the class had to leave the room to be sick and the rest of us were just scarred for life)

    I recently discovered that Threads was available on DVD, so re-watched it 30 years on and it still has the same effect.

    Forget any horror movie, Threads is the scariest, most disturbing movie I think I’ll ever see.

  2. Arse! I’d managed to forget that threads existed. I saw it in school too, although it was probably 90 or 91 by the time they showed it us. Scary scary fucked up head messer.