10 Responses to “Station Ident: This Is Warren Ellis Dot Fucking Com”

  1. That’s a massive bat penis!


    –Captain Obvious

  2. I’m glad Joel Schumacher didn’t see that picture prior to 1997.

  3. Your bollocks cannot harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel.

  4. You could do a new take on the Batman origins story with this. Instead of getting scared by bats and having his parents killed, he was gang raped by a pack of mutated bats.

  5. Is this like the WarrenEllis.com version of the picture of the girl playing naughts and crosses? This is what shows up when you need to re-calibrate… something…???

  6. He can’t quite reach it though.

  7. I am going to have to rethink my concept of a cloak with a hundred little loops inside it to hang bats. Trained ones of course. So you can flip the coat open and a hundred bats flutter out in a cloud. And come back when you call.

    But there you are, getting set for your big cloak flipping scene, and all of a sudden there is this bunching and wiggling under your cloak where a couple of bats are going at it.

    Won’t work.

  8. Huzzah.

    That cheers me up no end to see that pic and I wait to see what wonders Uncle Warren will inflict on us.

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  10. I saw Him on Tosh.0