6 thoughts on “That Clever Bastard Paul Morley”

  1. Interesting combination of formats, but it took forever to load on my netbook. It may just be my browser or flash player, I’ll check it out again on a different machine. But I like the way it used the browser space.

  2. Interesting, yes. However, scrolling through huge blocks of text in Flash is still torturous.

    And dude needs to edit his interviews. The Craig David one is 90% inane.

    It’s still a very compelling fashion in which to present your average column. I particularly like Morley’s emphasis on making the column in this format a distinctly un-self-contained thing, where the connecting wires (his column and who he interviews for his column and what they say and what they happen to perform that night) reach across distances and don’t necessarily connect back to the origin.

  3. Horrible reading blocks of text in Flash as mentioned above. And mobile functionality is near non-existant. Like the idea, it’s just the technical execution that lets it down.

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