23 thoughts on “Well, Bugger Me, It’s A Colour Page From PLANETARY #27”

  1. Oh yeah! I am one of those ‘check for the next Planetary issue’ guys for who knows how many years. This means I’m going to have to dig out the old issue to refresh my aging memory. Damn, heavy lifting!

    Page 18. Does that mean it’s halfway done?


  2. Now.. not that I’m complaining.. but why October? If it’s at least PARTLY coloured, why such a delay? It’s almost done, it could be out in a couple months, not 5!

  3. I seem to remember some title bearing that name from my distant youth. Will Planetary’s talented illustrator be started work immediately on the next one after completing this issue or will it be a few more years?

  4. … would be a senior editor at WildStorm Productions overseeing the final issue of this incredible, defining work…
    …the final issue…

    wait, what?

  5. Fantastic. a true shame its ending. Ok Warren, its time to sell the movie rights and retire to a life of luxury and being fed grapes mate!

  6. ‘Ello Mr. Ellis! Read #27 3 weeks ago and just absolutley loved it. You have a tendency towards cruelty sometimes in your work so I was very happy to see the happy ending and all, with Ambrose alive and well and able to rejoin his fmaily, etc. The sci-fi technology of the Drummer’s monolgues about time travel and how Chase’s powers worked were delicious and very cool – I think the Drummer and Ambrose Chase are too very unusual characters in comics today. I am sad that the series has ended – I know that the creative process always wants to try new things and not be bound down, but I’d rather see Transmetropolitan end than Planetary. Maybe in a few years a new story will come calling you……like, for instance, why are only alternative Planetary members visiting the past when they’re about the rescue Chase? Perhaps power corrupted them too and Elijah and company will have to rectify that situation?!! Anyways, thanks for a great series, truly!

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