The Flag Of Earth

The Flag Of Earth:


The Flag of Earth symbolizes the Earth (the center blue disk), the Sun (the yellow disk on the left), and the Moon (the white disk on the right). The Earth and its most important celestial neighbors – the Sun and Moon – are overlaid on a backdrop of the darkness of space.

The Flag of Earth website is administered by NAAPO – the North American Astrophysical Observatory. NAAPO is a not-for-profit organization formed to run the Big Ear Radio Observatory in Delaware, Ohio, and which now runs the Ohio Argus Array.

34 thoughts on “The Flag Of Earth”

  1. Let’s spread a rumor that this is the World Federation flag, and that they’re going to confiscate guns and replace the dollar with the Federo, which is backed by stem cells from aborted fetuses.

  2. What’s the primary function of a flag? To differentiate your piece of land from your neighbor’s, I’d say. Also, wouldn’t any lifebearing planet be mostly water and consider its sun the most prominent nearby celestial body?

    Shoddy. And ugly.
    If this is what we identify ourselves with when the Gamorrans come to sell their services as janitor/mercenaries, I’m kicking you all off Team Humanity.

  3. All it needs is a big fat red maple leaf emblazoned on it, to represent the day when Canada conquers the planet with our secret super-inuit snow army.

  4. Love it. I’ve been flying it for years — ever since I saw it in “Odyssey,” the astronomy magazine for kids, back in the early ’80s. Simple, clean, elegant design that anyone on Earth will instantly recognize and understand, no explanation needed. It was designed by a midwestern farmer named James Cadle circa 1970; when he passed away recently, he bequeathed the design to the public domain.

    “Why does earth need a flag?” Simple: To remind people that we’re all in this together.

  5. Yeah, it isn’t the prettiest thing I ever saw. But out of the ones I saw on PhilWai’s link, it is the best out of those designs, IMHO.

  6. Great! If only stupid humanity could see themselves as Earthlings and stop fighting about the differences between them. One flag for one world.

  7. “Appalling heraldry. Breaks the law of tincture, and is completely unblazonable. Dreadful piece of work.”

    Dammit, you beat me to it!

  8. The concept is beautiful. The design was obviously done by someone who hasn’t got a lot of experience.
    It took me about half a minute to rearrange the elements slightly so they look a lot better and more like a proper flag.

    I guess a committed designer could make the idea work wonderfully.

  9. As a designer, I love the idea. It looks fresh and innovative as a flag, and sets apart from old school typical flags. I’ve seen other entries of other “earth” flags and I still think this is the best one. My only beef is where that bloody moon is placed… it’s very awkwardly placed. People with a design sense would agree, its white circle just jumps too much and not leaving enough space on the flag… it’s just too close to a corner. My suggestion: move the white moon up a little more overlaping partially on the blue earth, similiar how the earth overlaps the sun. I think it would look far better and pleasing on the eye.

  10. Terra overlapping Sol creates the optical illusion that the sun comes to a point at one side. I’d have the curve of the sun farther over on the edge. I’d place the moon in the top corner, as we associate it with “up.” But I get the concept of there being no up or down in space. I like the Fibitz one, as well, but the crescent should be waxing, or a full moon. Waning looks too much like a particular religion.

  11. Why don’t we turn this over to the gaggle of graphic designers (myself included) who haunt WhiteChapel and see if they can take a crack at designing something better than this? A “Remake/Remodel” for Planet Earth? Could be very interesting…

  12. I came up with the same idea on my very own therefore I think this flag is awesome. I love the boldness of it, simple bold shapes. And the colors are totally unique for a flag which surprises me. It could use some tweeking however.

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