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Had an incredibly good day at the THRILLING WONDER STORIES symposium at the Architectural Association. You have no idea. Just a wonderful time. Thanks again to Geoff and Liam for bringing me in, and thanks to the audience for not walking out the minute I said "It’s time for a big sweaty Englishman to drone at you about history for half an hour." Also, for not throwing me out when I got to the bit about science fiction’s subversion of context and the horrifying potentials of sf porn.

Also thanks to the guys from ICON magazine for making the interview painless. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out: me yelling about archaeoacoustics and dead bodies in the walls, Francois Roche just being a freaky genius, and Geoff Manaugh trying to find a point of sanity in the middle.

Normal service probably won’t resume here until Monday, as I think my brain is just about tapped out.

(Photo by Jones The Engineer)

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  1. An excellent day, indeed! I don’t think my brain’s been this full for quite some time. Electrograd sounds great, and I reckon Francois Roche is one architectural accident from full Bond villainy.

  2. Jess Jess

    Hello Mr. Ellis-

    Any chance of a transcript? Or video, at some point?


  3. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    I was told there was the possibility. But, obviously, out of my hands.

  4. JackKing JackKing

    I hope so, I’d love to hear or see the whole thing.

  5. Jess Jess

    Finger’s crossed!

  6. Of course, you do realize that this pic is horribly vulnerable to Out-Of-Context Manipulation, what with the nice screen and the earnest looking fella at the mike. This is the beginning of Comedy Gold, if one is to be so bold. I, however, am not, for I haven’t the Photoshop skill, and I also like using my many internal organs and external appendages….

    Just sayin’ is all….

  7. CJStevens CJStevens

    I’d love to see this on vid

  8. archaeoacoustics: What sounds bones and bits of broken pottery made (or make) measured by time machine hence the verb-tense ambiguity of this sentence.

    I once dreamed of a ancient culture
    people who loved
    the sound of screams through walls
    and so buried people alive
    in voids between the plastered
    sandstone blocks

    That technicolor nightmare
    Has followed me though time
    and across the breadth of my land
    And I can still see
    in my mind’s eye
    the intricate braids
    of a leather-skinned
    corpse of a woman
    as it tumble free from
    a broken wall.

  9. Tommy Tommy

    Only just started reading Transmet last week, and then I happened to be at the Architect. Assoc., and sat in on your talk — pretty trippy coincidence! (ice cream, anyone?)

    Transmet rocks, by the way (old news to you, perhaps), as indeed does Francois Roche (the person and his work)!

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