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Architectural Association Talk: More Details

Okay, so, I’m in London on Friday speaking at the AA as part of their symposium THRILLING WONDER STORIES, an all-day event around the theme of science fiction and cities. Co-organiser Geoff Manaugh has all the details at this link here. Notables: it’s free entry, and if you keep checking back at that link, Geoff will eventually update it with details of the planned live stream.

I don’t know what time I’m on.

It’s Wednesday, I’m backed up with work, and I still have no idea what I’m going to talk about because bloody editors won’t leave me alone.

Check out that line-up, though.

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  1. it’s at 11am-5pm unfortunately, really wanted to get to this, i’m sure it’ll be a very insightful day

  2. Damn, I wish I could be in London for this..

  3. sal sal

    what time ish…!? got a freelance day of work that i can skip out of to see you, is there some kind of ball park..? cant miss it..! please help..!
    thank you mr ellis


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