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Post-London MCM Expo

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So the MCM Expo signing in Comics Village there ran a total of two and a half hours or so. I started before 1pm — after a comically nightmarish journey from Southend that involved a 40-quid cab ride in order to get there at all — and finished up a hair before 4pm, with a break in the middle because I hadn’t yet had time to eat that day.

Was NOT expecting that many people. Not far off the sort of crowd I draw in the States, in fact.

I note that already there’s one guy complaining on his blog that I was hardly there at all and all I did was, you know, sign people’s comics. But I was only going to be there for an afternoon, and I had no idea there’d already be a line camped out for me. Didn’t want people to have to wait any longer than was necessary.

Two FREAKANGELS KKs, and one FREAKANGELS Miki, complete with lab coat, showed up. No Spider Jerusalems, for the first time in years. I guess the old fuckhead’s finally retired.

Nice vibe to the place. Reminded strongly of the early UKCAC shows. Will write more on this later in the week.

Organised brilliantly by Emma Vieceli and Anna Petterson.

And, christ, I got to see Gary Erskine, Al Davison and Liam Sharp for the first time in fucking years, which was delightful. Met a load of the new minicomics/webcomics guys, like Jon Scrivens and Jake Harold (and yes many others but I’m not sitting here all day typing).

Also Jamie McKelvie was there. You can’t have everything, after all.

— W

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  1. Oh no… I expect to dress my boyfriend up as Spider for Halloween. You’ll never get rid of him.

  2. Oh man!
    You can’t write this and not show the FREAKANGELS’s cosplay photos…
    You’re so evil.

  3. Mark Osborne Mark Osborne

    Spider will never retire.

  4. Wish I could have come. I didn’t know that Emma organized it. Busy lady!

  5. Illogic Illogic

    Fuckheads never retire.
    Which reminds me: time to get that tattoo…

  6. What a weekend, those Freakangel cosplayers really made a great effort!

  7. Jon Scrivens “OR” Jake Harold, we pretty much look the same.

  8. Den Den

    As queuer (queuee?), it would have been helpful if someone had come down the line and said “He’s just nipped off for a bite to eat, he’s been stuck in a cab all morning.”

    I didn’t mind too much, I just re-read Extremis, until a Cosplayer squirrel thing started humping my leg. Free hugs indeed.

    Was good to meet you, and that queue was hellish long.

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