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Oh God MCM London Comics Expo Tomorrow

Okay, recap:

I’m at the London MCM Expo tomorrow, in the Comics Village area from about 1pm. I’m aiming for noon, but, you know, I work late and get up late, so let’s assume I’ll shamble in around one.

I will sign stuff, but two warnings:

1) If you turn up with a cart full of everything I’ve done (and this has happened before) waiting to be signed, I will laugh at you and then have you beaten up by security. Seriously. At one show, a guy conscripted his brother to pull the other cart. Pick five things you like and I’ll be delighted to sign them. Bring a hundred things and I will not be pleased to see you.

2) I’ll sign five items, at a go, but I’ve managed to bugger up my left wrist through (I don’t know how) sleeping on it, so if you’re one of the people who likes to drop a stack of wrapped, bagged, sealed, taped books on my table and then expect me to do all the unwrapping and rewrapping… well, that’s not going to happen, and if you give me shit about it I’m going to tell you to fuck off to Tesco’s if all you really wanted at my table was someone to do your packing for you. And then I’ll have you beaten up by security.

I am mostly just there to chat to people, have Swedish girls bring me whisky, and to fashion a new bionic arm for Emma Vieceli out of whatever’s laying around. And to throw shit at Gillen and Ellerby. [EDITED TO ADD: Gillen isn’t there on the Sat, apparently. Will have to throw stuff at Gary Erskine instead. And someone asked: I imagine I’ll be gone by 5.]

Check the travel advisories I left for you.

I am told that you can "alight at Canning Town to transfer to regular and direct shuttle bus services to the main west entrance of ExCeL. This journey will take approximately 4-5 minutes. Buses will depart from bays B and D of Canning Town bus station. This direct shuttle service will operate to and from ExCeL between 0700-1900."

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  1. I’d like to say that I’m surprised a fan would go to such a level of douche-baggery, but I can’t. Tragic that some fans mistake their inconsiderate behavior for fan boy zeal.

  2. David T.G. Riches David T.G. Riches

    I was the gent who conscripted a brother to get every thing signed at the Paradise Toronto ComicsCon almost seven years ago. About 130 to 150 books at the time broken up by five comic increments and going through the line about 14 times over the first two days. It’s nice that he remembers me. I still remember the bruises from Pete Dixon’s security bashing. The shoulder still acts up when the weather changes too rapidly. But I was correct Mr. Warren Ellis would not be back anytime soon to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  3. Once security beat me up, could you sign the bloody pulp I am?

  4. Elizabeth G. Elizabeth G.

    I can’t make the con tomorrow and I’m very, very sore about it. Are you likely to go to the one next year?

  5. RobertI RobertI

    Tell the security guards to beat up everyone with an ironic t-shirt and/or the distinct smell of processed cheese as a precaution.

  6. Any idea how long you’ll be there, o dear leader?

    There are all these unlucky gallery assistant types like me who have to work weekends but would love to stop by. Damnit.

  7. Can we make the beating me up thing a charity event? Hehe. Hi, Warren you know who;).

  8. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    I wish I could go to MCM this time around, but I’m working. Are you likely to come to MCM next year?

  9. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Posting two near identical comments 5 hours apart? God I’m talented. Thought my old one hadn’t submitted for some reason. Durr durr durr.

  10. Rich Johnston Rich Johnston

    Ha ha ha ha it’s ALL cosplay and people off of Merlin. Warren will be in hell.

    Of course I’ll be there. It wouldn’t be hell without me.

  11. Julianna Julianna

    I still can’t believe I missed that Toronto gig. I could also, apparently, have been witness to Ellis’ best “I will wipe you from the face of the earth” scowl.

  12. Claire Fun Claire Fun

    I’m only bringing one thing (maybe two) but unwrapped and easily scribbled in. Please weigh that up against the fact I will be a) in cosplay and b) with a talkative 4 year old. I’m sorry. But at least I’m only bringing 1 thing, right…right?

  13. Sheldon Sheldon


    It might be worth moving to London just to watch you sic security on the criminally inconsiderate.

    My plan is to wait until I have five DVDs of movies/television series based on your stuff and then bring them, and the comics thats inspired them, to you for signing – five at a time [note: NOT criminally inconsiderate].

    Given that you have so many TV Things and Movie Things in various stages of discussions/money being thrown at you [in, no doubt, smaller increments than you’d prefer], I expect about five more years ought to do it.

    And you should come to Calgary, Alberta, Canada some time. We’re far friendlier and more considerate than Torontonians [who think they’re the center of the universe for some strange reason].

  14. Christobel Christobel

    I wish I could make it to MCM but no money+no passport=no flight from Canada to London anytime soon.

    Not terribly surprised by the people who bring a grotesque amount of stuff to be signed. At Emerald City this past April I had a few books signed by Ben Templesmith (awesome guy, by the way) and was kinda worried about handing over 4 books for him to sign until I saw someone a few people ahead of me pull out a stack of comics (probably about 50 or 60 comics) and hand them to Mr. Templesmith. Gotta give him credit, he didn’t even flinch and signed them in record speed.

    Any idea if or when you will be coming to North America? Specifically the west coast?

  15. joseph leroux joseph leroux

    in a perfect world,anyone should be able to understand that a book with your signature on it contains the same amount of informations as a book without your signature on it.les anglais…poor people.

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