REMAKE/REMODEL: The Spider Queen

May 22nd, 2009 | brainjuice

This week’s Remake/Remodel thread at Whitechapel was chugging along happily, trying to make sense out of a tiny description of an obscure 1940s character:

Sharon Kane is the sworn enemy of all criminals. Her specially designed bracelets eject spider webbing. Her boyfriend is a detective named Mike O’Bell.

And then Ryan Kelly, Pia Guerra and Paul Sizer came in overnight and just owned pretty much everybody.

Ryan Kelly is the illustrator of LOCAL, a teacher, and currently illustrating a NORTHLANDERS sequence:


Pia Guerra is the illustrator of Y THE LAST MAN:


Paul Sizer is the creator of the graphic novel BPM.


4 Responses to “REMAKE/REMODEL: The Spider Queen”

  1. Well, honestly, I feel like the “One of These Things Is Not Like The Others” in this post, but thanks much for the mention.

  2. Damn you, those three people!

  3. heh… I’d love to see Ryan Kelly’s Spider Queen as a regular comic:)

  4. […] since I mentioned webs, you have to check out the winners of Warren Ellis’s Spider Queen Remake/Remodel contest. From Ryan Kelly, Pia Guerra and Paul Sizer, three totally different and totally fabulous […]