24 thoughts on “Theoretical Hyperwar 2009”

  1. Someone should tell Bungie that the US millitary is ripping off ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING from their Spartans. And dressing them like The Stig for some reason. Are they planning on invading Antartica or something?

  2. @JimtheFool: Well, yeah. Because they’ll probably find a way to suppress the soldiers’ ability to feel shock and horror, so they won’t be traumatized by, like sight of decapitated toddler heads rolling down road out from the car they accidentally shot up.

  3. The thought of these guys make me feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s the robots you have to worry about. How many movies about AI turning on it’s masters since Ellison wrote I Have NO Mouth and I Must Scream? and they still don’t learn. Plus with super capacitors and the bio-conversion units they are working on you can take a small helicopter or VTOL arm it with the Dazlr Green sodium laser blinding system (not quite illegal under the 1985 convention against blinding weapons) put maybe a small mini gun on it and just mass produce. Why worry about soldiers families bitching.

  4. Every future war concept I’ve seen in the last fifteen years has conspicuously stolen a moto-cross helmet.
    And basically talked up the same crap, assuming all future war will be the spanking of rag-tag militias by exquisitely overfunded professional soldiers more or less immune to attrition.
    What I’m not seeing is any kind of revision of the role of the infantryman, or technologies aimed to genuinely transforming his tactical capabilities; nor thinking on the economics of war; which thinking is still late nineteenth century.
    It’s much like futurewar concepts of the 1870’s, in which infantrymen are given flight-packs; and FLY in lines, delivering volleys at one another with their percussion-cap muskets.

  5. I can’t believe they’re still flogging this shit. I worked on a video ten, maybe tweleve frikkin’ years ago for a company pitching this stuff to the DoD. Their suit did all of this, PLUS shot tear gas out of shoulder jets and had taser “brass knuckles” for hand-to-hand combat. The best bit? An active camouflage system that allowed the soldier to become nearly invisible – which, to my mind, just makes you more likely to get capped by one of your own guys.

    When I asked the company rep who hired me to produce the video how they were going to get the suit to actually do all that, he told me, point blank, “Oh, we have no idea. We’re just selling the concept so we can get the development money.”

    At least they paid me on time.

  6. @Daniel Gorringe: Y’know that’s a really good point that even contemporary warfare struggles with, let alone future warefare. It seems to me like we (developed nations) still approach warfare as one big army smacking another big army like in WWI. The Viet Cong, the Taliban, and the rest have all shown guerilla war is a pretty damn good way for a small number of barely-trained amatures to take on the biggest and most advanced army on the planet. We should be stealing this idea.

    @dan mcenroe: I read somewhere the big problem with active camouflage is that the amount of needed power to make something fairly invisible to human eyes leaves it glowing like a bonfire to anyone with infra-red sensors (such as, for example, the CCD you have in your camera phone).

  7. I hope in the rush to pump our soldiers full of all this new technology they don’t forget them how to hold a rifle. He’s holding that thing like he just noticed a shitstain on the trigger.

  8. LOL! This is going to be the kind of thing we look back on in 10 years and think, “My GOD! People in the 00’s must have been retarded to think the soldiers of the future would look that gay.”

    I’m hoping for something more along the lines of Universal Soldier or Terminator… or a technology implosion and throw back to trench warfare.

    Or, how about this, no war!!

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