Forthcoming: SUPERGOD

So there’s this series coming out in the last half of 2009 called SUPERGOD:


And it’s one of the odder things I’ve written, I think. Someone made the mistake of asking me for another superhero-mode comic, and I suspect maybe since I returned to that subgenre something important in my brain developed moss on it or something. Here’s a piece of my notes on the book, for a sequence in issue #2:

China began designing their own superhuman soon after, but didn’t have the tech for Megareactor Buddha’s Spine until 1990. Nominally, PRC is atheist, but the old religions never went away, and a surprising number of Chinese state scientists still think in terms of qi. The superhuman Maitreya was a subject enveloped by scanning tunnelling microscopes wired into his visual cortex, forced to meditate upon his own atomic structure until he could perceive the quantum foam of every particle of his being birthing and annihilating under the uncertainty principle. His emergence into superhumanity was heralded by the impossible light of zero point energy accessed from the spaces between virtual particles. The Chinese filled a warehouse with political prisoners and told Maitreya to kill them, to demonstrate his power over spacetime and matter. He instead fashioned them into a vast musical instrument of entrancingly beautiful tone. Then configured all the assembled soldiers and scientists into a self-supporting worm-like structure and fired them into space with/through the musical instrument, where they journeyed as a biological probe of brains linked in parallel that reported information about the solar system back to Maitreya via quantum entanglement until the structure, starting to break up, was identified as comet Shoemaker-Levy and eventually smacked into the surface of Jupiter.

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  1. Fucking hell, Ellis. I don’t know what they put in the water where you live, but I dare say it comes under seven different schedule levels of plausible deniability. And I want some of it; the worlds in your head may be insane, but they still seem more believably inhabitable than this horrible simulacrum in which we both exist.

  2. I loved this. Describing the tech was almost poetic. It reminded me of the book Brainchild by David Jay Brown. If you haven’t read it, it’s well worth a glance.

  3. I just enjoy the fact that a super-being is created but instead of a murder/death/kill rampage it uses it’s powers for art and science.

  4. I hate living on a fixed income, but I’ll definitely find a way to pick this up when it gets published.

    It’s exactly the kind of thing I like to read of a Sunday morning whilst wrapped in a cozy robe and sipping hot chocolate.


  5. As I sat there reading this and grinning like a loon, a small voice began to whisper…”Do you think the drugs have finally caught up to Ellis?”. Or maybe I’m just really tired. Either way, this should be fun.

  6. Oh boy.

    When you read Warren say something like “And it’s one of the odder things I’ve written, I think.” you know things are going to get awesome, and that paragraph from the notes really delivers.

  7. This reads like the eventual outcome of a bastard world birthed through the holy womb of a Kirby God after having been violated in an excessively violent, drunken manner by a bloated Fletcher Hanks Spaceman.

    Yes, that is a compliment.

  8. Sounds way too weird -and awesome- to come via WildStorm, even Vertigo -not that these two suck, but y’know.- so I guess you’re releasing it sponsored by Avatar Press, right?

  9. Great googly-moogly. It sort of sounds like Zelazny’s “Lord of Light” meets Mazinger Z, which is just… brilliant. Once again, a story idea that is so simple that one wonders why they hadn’t already thought of it, and so potent that it is stunning that anyone had.

  10. I’m a physicist, and I use the uncertainty principle as an explanation to my wife each time I lose the car keys. So I can’t help but find this very interesting.

    I also find it interesting that about 95% of posters on any Ellis web endeavor try so desperately to sound like him, and that includes me obviously. Fuckers.

  11. you generalize principles, take concepts, and create a malformed story of which you nor anyone has any understanding..your worse than grant morrison..

  12. For keys and such I prefer either the explanation from the children’s novel and TV show [Finders Keepers] by Emily Rodda, where lost items have popped into an alternate universe where human scavengers pick over the mess for the good stuff, or that they’re hiding because they’re lonely and depressed: if you buy another set of miniature tip screwdrivers then the one that you already own will emerge to make friends with its new housemate. Or if not, then it doesn’t matter. Or, prosaically, the only way to find your golf ball is to do again with another ball what you did before, and watch this time, and when you bring home your new screwdrivers and think “Where shall I put these?” then you probably put them where you already put the others.

    As for SUPERGOD: uh, at some point, all those people still ended up dead, I guess. The instrument is not specified but would it belong in THE MUSEUM OF LOST KEYBOARDS? That audio describes (and represents) amongst many others a relatively conventionally constructed Russian instrument where the sound was produced by 88 political dissidents under extreme duress. Fictional, I hope. And I believe the piano is very big in China now. (But not as big as the organ made from cathedrals.)

  13. …..and that was me having a huge nerdgasm over this preview. This combines Half-Life 2 physics with Chinese politics into a most intriguing story. I can’t wait to buy this in floppies then get the inevitable hardcover. Mr. Ellis, I LOVE YOU! Oops, there I go again, excuse me whilst I reread that initial post of Warren’s and soil myself again. ^_^

  14. a coincidence.i’ve seen a few links somewhere to god-related comics that are surprisingly this the heralding of bolg NEW genre of comics,GOD comics?hrnnhhh…wouldn’t be surprised.

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