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Webcomics Week: Popes And Pervert Suits

So, on Whitechapel last week, I declared Webcomics Week and had webcomics creators tell me about their work. This week, I’m pulling out my favourites from that thread and noting them here. Or, at least, the ones so odd I thought you should see them.

I don’t even know what to tell you about SIX OR SEVEN POPES.


And if you like superhero comics, and you’re old enough that swearing won’t make you faint, you might like PLAN B.

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  1. But I know what to tell YOU about SIX OR SEVEN POPES :


  2. JimtheFool JimtheFool

    these are wonderful; many thanks!

  3. Thom Thom

    Wow. The internet provides once more.

  4. crocodylus pontifex crocodylus pontifex

    I believe you’ll find that the space pope is a crocodile.

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