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To The Pro Comics Creators Within The Sound Of My Voice

This here is a list of the comics supposedly shipping this week.

Is there a pro comics creator within the sound of my voice who has a book coming out this week? If you do: want to mention it? Talk about it? Point at a website, a blog entry, a bit of art, whatever… let these many thousands of people with disposable income know about it?

This is the link to do it at.

I’ll try this for a few weeks, maybe, see if it lives.

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  1. Greetings, Whitechapelians! This week I return with not one, but two releases of which I’m quite proud. From Fantagraphics Books comes CONNECTIVE TISSUE, a hardcover illustrated novella. Here’s a page-through video made by Mike Baehr of Fantagraphics:

    Here’s the teaser trailer for the first issue of my six-issue series FROM THE ASHES (IDW):

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