A Proclamation By A Man Who Badly Needs Sleep Or Death

May 12th, 2009 | comics talk, researchmaterial

I demand that all comics from now on be like this.

See to it.

8 Responses to “A Proclamation By A Man Who Badly Needs Sleep Or Death”

  1. Love the art . . . reminds me a bit of the one Dan Dare reprint I bought.

    Scan is too damn small to read the text though.

  2. …and you know i’m going to whinge and bitch about reading the same plot every time i pick up a comic…

  3. I cant read the text but I imagine it goes somewhat like this (abridged)

    For the glory of the Empire we wanted to nick a bloody big stone pecker.
    Since the Nazis wanted one too, we made a submarine out of it, sadly giving fritzs spies one good idea to many.
    We finally sneaked it into London under heavy enemy fire, and there it stands today, a monument to British manhood.

  4. you demand that all comics have type so small I can’t read them? The art is really great.

  5. No problem, but now Scott McCloud is going to have to get his wish. The new Kindle will HAVE to be widescreen.

  6. It probably looks like Dan Dare because its’ Frank Hampson. Who drew Dan dare, and pretty much drew himself to death.
    Learn from this, artists!

  7. Reminds me of the old Trigan empire series. Hmm, must go to comic shop.

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