RED Rumours

According to The Hollywood Reporter and other locations — I’m going to throw the traffic to comics news site Newsarama — Bruce Willis and Richard Donner are apparently circling the film adaption of RED, the graphic novelette I did with artist Cully Hamner some years ago.

I have no further knowledge of this. But I’m all right with Bruce Willis, actually. Funny thing is that people are talking about this being part of a "second act" for him at age 54, but I always imagined the protagonist of RED as being in his early sixties…

12 thoughts on “RED Rumours”

  1. congrats so far and i hope this pans out for you. personally, i am holding my breath for “Ocean” but any adaption of your material would be a major score.

  2. I just read about this in today’s NY Daily News. And of course the write up didn’t give props to either Cully or Warren, let alone mention the story was based on their comic miniseries. Can’t wait for this to hit the screens fast enough.

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