@network 29apr09

April 30th, 2009 | people I know, photography

This Is What It Means To Be Ben Templesmith:


Dan Curtis Johnson’s on holiday:


Zoetica Ebb has tagged this modelling shot for MA46 with "LOLwhore":


Photo by Melissa Gira:


This is painter Zofia Szeretlek and I have no idea what she is doing, except, maybe, see above:


And here is Bruce Sterling looking relaxed, international and yet faintly sinister, as if lost in the contemplation of a future where ubiquitous computing nets deny people Tamiflu. And not minding it too much.


4 Responses to “@network 29apr09”

  1. Ben Templesmith’s suit is glorious.

  2. Brass Chair Man Bruce?

    Christ, he’s summoning ball lightning via the power of thought.

  3. I was similarly affected by that shot of Bruce! Electric Overlord at rest.

  4. I just love the fact that the insanity Ben conveys in his art seems to translate over into his life.