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This Morning On Whitechapel

Remember Warren’s Rule: if I’ve been awake less than two hours, it is Morning, no matter what the clock says.

I haven’t done the Monday cleanout of my internet compound yet, so let’s see what’s there right now:

* Ian Talty – obit thread for a Whitechapel member who died yesterday during an urban-exploration outing.


* Warren Ellis At London MCM Comics Expo

* Grim Meathook Future – has turned into a discussion about The Coughing Pig Death

* What are the strongest and/or the most surprising albums of the early third of ’09?

* The IGNITION CITY #2 Talk Thread

* The FREAKANGELS Vol 2 Reader’s Thread – Anyone discovering Vol 2 for the first time?

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  1. Sean Sean

    Just wanted to say thank you for the GI Joe resolute work..and for the comics of yours I’ve read through the years. Not a huge fan boy, but I enjoy your work.

    Take care

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