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  1. Betting pool:

    How long before FOX News calls for quarantining the whole country?

  2. James Bong James Bong


    Nah, im just screwing with you. Actually, all modern strains of flue are directly descended from the 1917 swine flue that mutated and managed to kill about 100-150 million people world wide. New strains break off from time to time, but if its already killed 16 people than its way to virulent to survive for long. This is the price you pay for being able to eat bacon and pork chops.

    If it makes you feel any better, influenza is always just about 3 random genetic mutations away from wiping out 5% of human life on earth… again.

  3. Owen Owen

    Stefan, 3 days.

  4. The Juda The Juda

    Oddly enough this has been all over the news here in Canada but there wasn’t a peep all day about it on CNN.

  5. pigpocalypse???

  6. Michaelpro Michaelpro

    Will it cause the outbreak in north America? If so, how long it will take? and what is the estimated death toll?

  7. jones? jones?

    The interesting thing about this incident is that it was confirmed that the virus passed from human to human, which is when it becomes dangerous. The ‘expert’ on Channel 4 News said that we shouldn’t worry too much because it is till very ‘piggy’, which I found both informative and accurate. Ahem.

  8. Ronnie Ronnie

    Anybody read the eyewitness report of a Mexican doctor of a major hospital in Mexico city on the BBC World site? Alarming I would say…
    Ronnie, Beijing, CN

  9. Quine Quine

    How about a link, Ronnie?

  10. Zo Zo

    I have seen the future, brother, and it’s bacon.

  11. Ike Ike

    i think this should be taken very seriously if this is human to human which i believe it has been reported to be so this could be bigger than the outbreak in 1918. the most important thing is to stay informed and pay attention to the news and watch for more development.

  12. Zack Zack


  13. loudaz loudaz

    What alarms me the most is the attitude that some governments have. I agree this is more serious than we think. Governments, need to take this seriously at it searliest stages before it gets to high level out break.

  14. Aurelie Aurelie

    hey did they creat a medican for this dam flu of pigs because i got it

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