PAPERNET: The Incidental

The Incidental is a daily newspaper being published by and for a design event in Milan. This is a wonderful idea that could be transposed to other events.

Matt Jones on the genesis of the thing:

…we came up with the idea of a system for collecting the thoughts, recommendations, pirate maps and sketches of the attendees to republish and redistribute the next day in a printed, pocketable pamphlet, which, would build up over the four days of the event to be a unique palimpsest of the place and people’s interactions with it, in it.

One thing that’s very interesting to me is using this rapidly-produced thing then becomes a ’social object’: creating conversations, collecting scribbles, instigating adventures – which then get collected and redistributed. A feedback loop made out of paper, in a place.


I’m jotting down stuff very fast today — you can tell when I’ve got something close to a fully-formed thought lately by whether or not it’s under the category "shivering sands," as a rough rule of thumb — but I think there are Implications to this.

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