PAPERNET: The Incidental

April 24th, 2009 | people I know, researchmaterial

The Incidental is a daily newspaper being published by and for a design event in Milan. This is a wonderful idea that could be transposed to other events.

Matt Jones on the genesis of the thing:

…we came up with the idea of a system for collecting the thoughts, recommendations, pirate maps and sketches of the attendees to republish and redistribute the next day in a printed, pocketable pamphlet, which, would build up over the four days of the event to be a unique palimpsest of the place and people’s interactions with it, in it.

One thing that’s very interesting to me is using this rapidly-produced thing then becomes a ’social object’: creating conversations, collecting scribbles, instigating adventures – which then get collected and redistributed. A feedback loop made out of paper, in a place.


I’m jotting down stuff very fast today — you can tell when I’ve got something close to a fully-formed thought lately by whether or not it’s under the category "shivering sands," as a rough rule of thumb — but I think there are Implications to this.

6 Responses to “PAPERNET: The Incidental”

  1. Have just asked everyone I know in England to find me copies…through the dreaded Twitter no less!

  2. Would love to see something similar for Comic-Con

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  5. Hi Thom,
    glad you liked it!we organised the Incidental and can send you copies if you want. you can reach me on

  6. Hi Thom,
    glad you liked it!we (the British Council)organised The Incidental and can send you copies if you want. you can reach me on