GI JOE: RESOLUTE – Episodes 7 & 8

The next two episodes are up in high quality at Adult Swim, for my American readers. For the rest of the world, I note they’ve already been YouTubed at (seven) and (eight).

GI JOE fans should be aware there is much death in these episodes.

Oh, and a FAQ: the Dial Tone character. Originally, she was just Lead Tech or similar. The producers said that, since she was getting so much dialogue, she should be a Joe, with attendant codename. They gave me several to choose from, and I chose Dial Tone, because it amused me. I may drop some more notes after the whole thing’s aired on TV, so’s not to spoil.

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  1. Episode 8 had me feeling sad, because I knew I would never see anything more awesome. Congrats on taking a tired ,old cliché and making it awesome. That can not have been an easy thing to do.

  2. I’m holding off on watching them until the combined Adult Swim broadcast – but I was bummed not to see your face up on the filmmakers page at the official website. I would give a lot to see Warren Ellis made up like a Joe ‘toon.

    Oh, and I would love to hear as much behind-the-scenes stuff as you’re willing to spill when all is said and done. :)

  3. Oh, Warren, I would love to watch, but seems that I cannot reach it from Mexico, it’s onlyavailable for USA and European Union citizens. But from the flash preview, it looks great.

    Now as a revenge… we will never tell the world that the tacos they eat have nothing to do with ours.
    Oh, damn, I told.
    Want tacos? come to Mexico ;) We have birria, pozole, flautas, tortas ahogadas, mole…

    Seriously, will U visit sometime?

    Thanks for inspiring me everyday with your priceless twits.
    and yes, HUGS!
    Now shoot! ;)

  4. great fckn fight on the 8th. I like Snake eyes just like everyone else but my favorite has always been Storm shadow. A shame to see him go brain busted like that.

    I hope we see some GIJOE deaths before the end.

  5. Resolute fucking rocks! Never has GI Joe been used to its full potential. Nothing personal to Larry Hamma (and others), but the comics barely pass for pet cage liner. There will NEVER be GI Joe better than this.

  6. Warren – your take on the whole GI Joe franchise is by far better than any other “take” or “reboot” on any other classic toy franchise. THIS is what GI Joe should have been all along.

    I remember watching the 1st Resolute last week and thinking to myself, “wow, well, hopefully no one associated with the live action GI Joe film was watching – because – if they were, they were going to be very, very sad.”

    Thanks again man.

  7. +20 badass points for Snake Eyes. The Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow subplot has been a little too cliche for my taste (well, okay, we are talking about G. I. Joe here after all, so… granted), so I’m glad it went out with a bang.

    The executive meddling behind Dial-Tone explains a lot. I was kind of wondering “Why would Warren Ellis graft a new character into a continuity he’s admitted to having no attachment to and then aggressively brand the character, using a callsign goofy even by Joe standards, no less?” I certainly hope that Hasbro actually plans on using the character; there is some potential there, and I’d hate to think they forced that tiny bit of awkwardness for naught.

    Not that little nitpicks like these meaningfully detract from some outstanding storytelling, though. Really awesome stuff!

  8. Awesome; I’m a fan of the old joes from the 80’s. This does them credit, and I like the new approach; this ain’t your dad’s Joes anymore…

  9. Love it so far, Warren! Thanks a bunch! I was a huge G.I. Joe fan back in the day, and I’m really enjoying seeing the series re-imagined and upgraded to match my adult expectations. Love it! :)

    Will there be more? Perhaps an entire animated series?

    My only real complain so far: I hate Dial Tone. And not because the character is completely different. It’s the annoying prepubescent voice they chose for her. She sounds like she belongs in middle school, not an active military unit. :P

  10. Hot shit, it got a mention on penny-arcade. It’s a collision of awesomeness for me. My two favourite Internet fonts in some kind of weird love tria… Err. Line.

  11. I can never quite figure how one writes out action sequences. Do you just put, “Shogun Assassin bit goes here” or what? If they ever let you, could you post some script?

  12. Re: Dial Tone. I know she may not be a fan favorite, but at the rate Warren is killing off Joes, they’re going to need some replacements. Give her a chance, she might grow on you.

  13. Eight was great! I just have one question, why didn’t Storm Shadow or any other Arishikage Ninja know how to kill? Ninjas are assassins after all…just asking. I understand that its a particular technique that Storm Shadow didn’t learn, but with all the mysteriousness that is ninja, shouldn’t Storm Shadow have had a few tricks of his own?

    He’s dead now, so I’ll move on. Bad ass story.

    …I hope Tunnel Rat makes it down alright :P

  14. Saludos Marcela, oye tambien estoy en México y te comento que en youtube estan todos los capitulos incluso con subtitulos en español gracias al trabajo de CentralFly directamente desde Perú, yo los he visto todos igual con algunas horas de retraso pero el mismo día, saludos.

  15. I love this series so far! I have one question though. Is Resolute the end of GI Joe in a re-imagined sense? And if so will there be a series leading up to the resolute series/movie we are watching now? Keep the staff they did an amazing job if the answers yes! Again thanks for making my dreams come true on the series!

  16. it’s fun to be sure but claiming that this (in 60 minutes, no less) trumps all of hama’s past work is totally ridiculous. resolute is entertaining as hell and i love it but there is nothing here that i haven’t seen before. same can’t be said for hama’s work, in context.

  17. As a longtime Joe fan, I have absolutely no problem with the excessive death. Or pretty much anything this series offered. Resolute was the perfect mix of the comic and cartoon, and better than I could’ve ever hoped for. I loved it.

  18. this is the greatest thing i have seen since the orignal cartoon as a kid i absolutely love this i hope he makes more please tell me he is making more

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