New Skin Spring 2009

April 20th, 2009 | admin

The new season’s skin is live, designed and implemented as ever by my lovely mechanic Ariana Osborne.  Thank you, sweetheart.

8 Responses to “New Skin Spring 2009”

  1. You’re welcome, dear…

    Just pushed the new site skin live over at Those are always such a joy to do. My site is where I experiment and break things, and the sites I do for work are, well, for work — but Warren’s site’s reskins are always j…

  2. Yah I see a Steampunk influence and the VF font gives it a splash of Art Deco. Like Bender comes to the Hamptons.
    Looks good. Clean, readable.


  3. Dig. This is the first of the skins that have really gone “pop” for me. V. nice.

  4. I loved the last site skin. It had a good run. This one will grow on me.

  5. Nice looking skin, Ariana, looks like something I would come up with. Industrial and stark. Too good words for type based designs. Kudos.

  6. This was a pleasant surprise this morning, Thanks Ariana!!!
    Looks awesome!

  7. This skin is really nice. The colour scheme is much nicer (softer) than the previous version. The grinders are nice, especially with the RSS fan.

  8. the only criticizm I would have is that the 4am podcast section is a bit hard to read being beige on white.