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  1. Somebody appears to have thrown some jewellery into a bag of mystery meat.

  2. geoff


    oh god i need a unicorn chaser

  3. JimtheFool



  4. Skiriki


    I knew it was a bad idea to take a look at the picture while under a prescription which does not mix well with booze. My brain is trying to escape through my ear now, as it can’t feel the bliss of liquid oblivion and the pain has grown too intense for it to endure.

  5. James Bong

    James Bong

    That is a bad picture, those are bad people!

  6. redion


    i’m not entirely sure what’s going on in that picture…

  7. I knew I shouldn’t have looked.

  8. I just tried to comment and it doesn’t work. Or my brain doesn’t work. This is a test.

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