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  1. I’m outside the US too but I saw the clip you posted the other day from Youtube and I am very interested to see more.

  2. Just watched it. Since when was G.I. Joe this awesome?

    Also, that ninja is hardcore.

  3. Jay in Oregon Jay in Oregon

    It is parts one and two.

    And I am simply blown away so far. NEED MOAR!

  4. Helix Helix

    It’s excellent!

  5. Nice to see this finally having watched and waited for it.

  6. J. Lo. J. Lo.

    Totally fresh.

  7. That Chick That Chick

    Um…that was kinda awesome. Kudos, man, ku-freaking-dos. That whole ninja scene was bad-ass.

  8. You killed Bazooka, you bastard!


  9. As always Warren you have done outstanding job with this material. I think your G.I. Joe characterizations may even eclipse what you’ve done recently with Astonishing X-Men. I am always excited to see anything you have written and anxiously await the further episode of G.I. Joe you have penned.

  10. Robert Robert

    Very Cool!

    More more more


  11. Mike Mike

    Fantastic! It’s like a bit of my lost childhood evolved and came back to me!

  12. Sheldon Sheldon

    Three-for-three so far.

    I’m looking forward to the next seven.

    Wah-Hoo! [Sgt. Fury would so love this!]

  13. RMC RMC

    Yeah, cool. First GI Joe cartoon I ever watched I must admit (they were ACTION FORCE on this side of the Atlantic and I missed whatever the jump-on point was). I liked it. What will Larry Hama think? In fact, now that I think about it… W.W.L.H.T? Bet you he’d be into it.

  14. theConundrumm theConundrumm


  15. Unihonk Unihonk

    Brilliant it’s got HAARP in it.

  16. Dr Funfrock Dr Funfrock

    Nobody else is going to talk about how awesome Cobra Commander was? Cause that whole scene rocked like freaking crazy.

  17. Ryan Greene Ryan Greene

    Good LORD that was great. I loved the show back when I was a kid, and this hits all the right notes for me now as an adult. Good job, and I look forward to lots more of this in future.

  18. GI Joe is this awesome since Warren Ellis butt-flossed the writing.

  19. Pedro Pedro

    That was a fair bit of not-too-bad. Ep. 3 was a bit flat, but I guess all narratives need transition and exposition.

    The first two fondled some of my least-well-socialized brain-bits in a naughty way, though, and that’s right nice.

    The viewer is a lot sharper than the YouTube footage, if you have the choice. They have the first two chunks up, third’s on YouTube only.

  20. Wait… wait… Something’s missing.

    Where’s the PSA? I NEED to KNOW what HALF the BATTLE IS!

  21. *bows down in a we’re-not-worthy manner*
    You killed off Bludd, Bazooka and 10 million Russians in five minutes. That’s damn fine work right there. Loving every minute of it. Now we just need you to start writing the comics, and maybe a movie sequel… after you give us another Desolation Jones adventure.

  22. Well done, Mr. Ellis. Well done, indeed.

  23. M.H. Williams M.H. Williams

    I didn’t think your writing style would translate over to animation. I was wrong. That was very, very good. What do we have to do to get a series out of this?

  24. Never saw the original G.I. Joe series, so I can’t make any comparisons.

    Resolute looks rather intense.

  25. Nicely done! Why do I feel that the movie should have been written and produced by you? I don’t think I’ll even see the movie. I saw the trailer and I felt a little of my childhood die, painfully.

    Keep up the great work with everything!

  26. Tim in Idaho Tim in Idaho

    Great Stuff! I hope to see more! Looks impossibly good.

  27. Threemoons Threemoons

    Holy Crap!

    More, please, Sir! *grovel grovel*

  28. KinderJ KinderJ

    I love it, but I gotta say: ‘Threat yet perpetrated’? Really? You went with that? Much as I love you guy, that’s terrible. But the ninja was bad ass. And I dig the chick that knows five ways to kill a city of ten million sans nuke. I know this was written and cut many months back but, just fyi, there are loads of people just like me that want every thing you touch to be excellent. So far, so good. Carry on.

  29. Nick Maro Nick Maro

    I think I was just striken with a fanboy boner.

  30. Ted Vossen Ted Vossen

    Not all that into GI Joe but those first two episodes were very fun. Looking forward to the inevitable ninja battle.

  31. Wow. You even worked HAARP into it.
    Hope the fanboys google it…

    My only gripe is that they didn’t get you to pen the feature film.
    G.I.Joe Resolute looks incredible.
    G.I.Joe The Movie looks like shite.

  32. Chris Chris

    I heard about this project while visiting family in the States during the holidays, and only briefly saw the toys while doing some Christmas shopping. I was a bit worried about how things would shape up, but I’m happy to see my worry was for not! This IS G.I. JOE, or at least what it should have been. Thank you very much.

    I hope this becomes extremely popular ’cause Hasbro needs to commission you for some more work! Only next time, it should be twice as long, though I wouldn’t complain if were even longer than that.

    Till next time, Yo, Joooooe or Cobraaaaaa! (Take your pick)


  33. Two minutes of ninja bad-assery. Thanks Warren, can’t wait for the showdown.

  34. Holy cock that’s awesome.

  35. The Professor The Professor

    Do you take requests? Please do he-man next.

  36. Great stuff. G.I. Joe was the first comic I ever bought, so I have that nostalgic fondness for it, but it was never this good. Mr. Ellis, you have done it again.
    chris beckett

  37. James Bong James Bong

    so beautiful….so beautiful…….should…have…sent…a poet

  38. GI Joe: Resolutely Cool…

    The first three “episodes” of Adult Swim’s GI Joe mini-series/movie have been recently been posted to Youtube. G.I. Joe Resolute is all kinds of crazy, as I suspected from the trailer, and Warren Ellis’ does an amazing job of u…

  39. loot462 loot462

    I’ve been wanting to watch snake eyes ice a bunch of cobra fodder for years. that shit was cold blooded, thank you Mr Ellis.

  40. Furb Furb

    Warren, holy crap dude. Snake Eyes is fucking harsh. Nice work sir. :)

  41. David R David R

    Thank you for giving GIJOE new life, Mr. Ellis. It’s been needing this for a long time. Hasbro tried, so many times, to reinvent something that just needed to be updated and you hit the nail on the head. Hopefully, Hasbro will commission you for more outstanding work. I hope the feature film can capture 1/4 of what you’ve done. I’m not holding my breath, though…..

  42. JoeFan JoeFan

    Hi,I read on a forum that there are some haters out there, Resolute rocks. Haters are outnumbered. Liked what you did with Snake eyes. The wingsuit scene rocked. Couldn’t wait more to see the rest. Thank you.

  43. Den Den

    This is very cool, the Snake Eyes scene is fantastic. Shame the film makers didn’t take their cues from you.

  44. With the success of this project, maybe you can convince the producers to make GLOBAL FREQUENCY into a animated series!

  45. W (that's dubbya to you norom W (that's dubbya to you norom

    My first G.I. Joe issue was #2 based on seeing the comic book tv advertisements in the early 80s.

    G.I. Joe and Warren Ellis??!!? Together? Are you kidding me? What?
    Ellis is writing script for a new (adult) G.I. Joe cartoon.
    I became a fan of your comic book writing skills during your Stormwatch run.

    I guess Hasbro never read Warren Ellis’ work on Stormwatch. Ellis likes to upset the status quo by killing off characters.

    Mr. Ellis…

    THANK YOU!!!! Resolute was awesome. Please don’t kill Duke or Scarlett.

    Hasbro good choice in selecting Ellis to script the cartoon. Try not to panic too much at his ideas. It’s going to a ride.

    Hasbro, I think you all should buy advertisement time in movie theather to promote the cartoon leading up to the live action movie.

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