WIRED UK: Column 01

Well, I’ll be damned. I just followed a link out of my analytics to find that WIRED UK have put the first of my columns for them up on their site for your free perusal.

I’m waiting for whoever’s stealing my Wi-Fi to quit it. Which means I’m waiting for them to finish downloading Ukrainian porn, a cinematic form that appears to consist entirely of cold-looking men in Vladimir Putin masks feigning angry sex with gas pipelines.

8 thoughts on “WIRED UK: Column 01”

  1. Nice to finally get a chance to read this, and well-timed as I’ve recently finished Crooked Little Vein on a weekend trip to D.C. If only the editors of Wired would realize the worm inhabited pustule they’ve obtained in you and spread the infection across the Atlantic to the US publication for the rest of us.

  2. Look like something at wired.co.uk is cocked up. It sends me into an ever swirling toilet bowl of recursive aspx files until some sort of database vomits an error message at me.

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