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  1. Well, there’s a dedicated young man. :D

  2. I didn’t want to wake up to that. Thanks, Warren. Thanks.

  3. Lupie Lupie

    But can he breathe through his nose?

  4. Wow… uhm…. wow. Poor thing has to suffer like that for the rest of its life.

  5. Sinistra Sinistra

    I have actually forgotten how to breathe, but no matter. I’m laughing at silly, silly pain. It is a good death.

  6. Odsox Odsox

    Hahahahah! Nice work, tryhard! Now you can hold your teacup IN YOUR FACE. Is your mother proud of you?

  7. White men with dreads always look wrong.

  8. MR. B MR. B

    . . . I’d hate to see the undercarriage . . .

  9. Absolute_Tash Absolute_Tash

    It looks like the fine young man is inviting you to use his porcelain mouth-toilet. I’m sure you can oblige. Don’t aim too carefully.

  10. Maggie Maggie

    I find myself wondering how he eats. It would be kind of like having holes in your pockets except… in your FACE.

  11. Matt Matt

    Can he even speak like that?

  12. Cade Cade

    Am I the only one disappointed by the normalcy of this post?


    What. No retina piercings?

  14. Silvio Silvio

    nice ashtray in his lips, now you can suck the rest of yur cigar into his mouth after smokin’

    whata shit face

  15. The best part is trying to answer the phone at work when this freekin’ thing pops up on the screen… damn you Warren… damn you to hell…I should know better than to click through Twitter links from Ellis while I’m trying to work…

    mojo sends

  16. For some reason it’s the white dreadlocks that carry it over into awful.

  17. wknapik wknapik

    I’m relieved it’s not another mutilated penis.

  18. Amy Amy

    Dear god, he’s actually gauged his dreadlocks. Just look at that little flower thing off his temple. NEW GROUND HAS BEEN BROKEN, PEOPLE.

  19. Doppelneger Doppelneger

    But WHY?!

  20. Jesus, Warren! I went to your blog because I needed something soothing before going to bed, and now this. At least I will got to bed with a atypical feeling of my complete sanity (I rarely feel square but now I do).

  21. like river Yenisei like river Yenisei

    I think I saw him the other day in the Metro. I wonder why he’s not getting his ass kicked on a daily basis (I don’t even want to think about getting punched in the face with all that crap in soft tissues).

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