April 15th, 2009 | brainjuice, music

I did a thing in DOKTOR SLEEPLESS backmatter the other month about the game of taxonomy and nomenklatura of new musics. "Shitgaze" was, I think, the new musical subsubsubgenre name that I’d discovered and was amused by at the time.

Today, I trip over the active tag "dubgaze." Applied specifically to the compilations coming out of Breathe, and to the act Psychedelic Horseshit.

That first link, by the way, will get you to a download of a 102-minute compilation tagged as "Electronic, trip hop, ambient, dubgaze, idm, downtempo." I’m about to listen to it.

Maybe I’ll dig out and run that backmatter piece in a bit…

One Response to “Dubgaze”

  1. hello Warren, I add the tag dubgaze specially for Tanox, an argentinian musician based in Barcelona. You can listen his “dubgaze” sound in: http://www.pueblonuevo.cl/pn_site/pn_cat_026.htm and http://breathe-comp.com/?page_id=369

    greetings from méxico.