IGNITION CITY #1 Out This Week

April 7th, 2009 | Work

From Wednesday in North America, from Thursday in the UK and elsewhere, in specialty comics stores. Find your nearest one here.

Please buy one. I have rickets.

No, really.


Read more about IGNITION CITY.

11 Responses to “IGNITION CITY #1 Out This Week”

  1. Well, I guess I know what I’m doing on my lunch hour tomorrow.

  2. Well, I already know I’ll be pushing this book on my customers at the comic shop.

  3. Well, I already pre-ordered two copies.

  4. With your giant, sweaty, drug filled hands perfect for pushing.

  5. I will be buying it for sure.And adding it to my standing order with my local comic shop :)

  6. Ah, Wednesday. Glad I saw that before going downtown tomorrow.

  7. Och, sorry, man. I had crickets once. Wasn’t fun. Itched like hell.

  8. warren ellis + space anything = awesome…usually followed by sobbing and dry heaves.

  9. You’re kidding, right? You writing and rockets in it? It’s probably excellent. I’ve been looking forward to this…

  10. the subtitle sells this. does amazon count as a speciality comic store?

  11. Someone contact Red Bull or Silk Cut about enriching their products with vitamin D. We need to keep Ellis wheezing along. He has work to complete! : )