Lede Of The Day

March 26th, 2009 | researchmaterial

The Egyptian government has sought to dispel rumours that a mobile phone text message "from unknown foreign quarters" is spreading around the country and killing those who receive it.

A wondrous story picked up by AFP:

The extraordinary move by Egypt’s health and interior ministries follows press reports that an SMS containing a special combination of numbers killed a man in the town of Mallawi south of Cairo.

"He died vomiting blood, followed by stroke, shortly after he received a message from an unknown phone number," the Egyptian Gazette reported on Wednesday.

15 Responses to “Lede Of The Day”

  1. Obviously the work of sinister kabbahlist adepts.

  2. It’s the Anti-Life Equation!

  3. My dog has no nose!

    So how does he smell?

  4. Holy shit, they can text message snow crash?!

  5. Stephen King did it with zombies.

  6. And nobody has yet mentioned The Ring in relation to this?

  7. Died *then* had a stroke. Fscking luddites/

  8. Awful!

    Its the obvious work of Ernest Scribbler.

  9. Perhaps it was the ‘can you heard me now?’ guy…

  10. NOT NOW, another viral for Fringe is on the loose.

  11. Before you die, you hear … the ring?


  12. Ok who texted the contents of the ark of the covenant.

  13. Has anyone thought to call the number back?

  14. From wikipedia’s Killer Badger article:

    UK military spokesman Major Mike Shearer denied the rumors, saying “We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area.”

  15. “And it was then that Nyarlathotep came out of Egypt…”