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  1. Hey Warren…
    I was just checking my website stats and noticed a couple of hundred hits through this site… thought it was the Australian WE to start with but on closer inspection it is you… and uncannily and co-incidentally I just finished Crooked Little Vein!! no shit…!!
    Still not quite sure how folks got from you to me but hey, the marvels of cyberspace eh!!
    Anyway yes you are right, the Silver Pines do deserve your attention and I just put out a comp with an unreleased SP track on it as it happens… if you are keen I would be honoured to send one over to you for your listening pleasure…
    It’s very nicely packaged blah blah blah and sounds even better groan yawn… but you can see more at the website… drop me a line if you’re interested and I’ll whisk one to you ok…
    loved the book btw – proper made me laugh out loud at leat 3 times :)

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