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::currently reading: THE CARYATIDS

Halfway through this, at present. There’s something about Bruce’s writing that I always seem to forget, between novels: that he really does write the most loathesome, appallingly repellent protagonists in contemporary popular fiction, and somehow gets away with it. There’s no reason why I should be remotely interested in whether or not Vera and Radmila live — hell, I should be rooting for natural disasters to pancake the crazy horrible sows and everyone they know, there is literally not one decent person to be seen in this book so far — but yet I’m still reading. That takes some skill.

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  1. Hey, me too! The quote on page 57 is from Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr.’s essay “Cyberpunk and Empire.” I googled it. Then I picked up Csicsery-Ronay’s book 7 Beauties of Science Fiction at the library today. It looks like a lot of fun.

  2. The one likable bruces character I can think of at the moment is a talking St. Bernard who works as a talk show host. Only he’s more of a canine front end for an AI.

    The Caryatids is the next item in my fiction queue.

  3. ChristianW ChristianW

    He sure seems to have a hand for the airs of croation women…

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