18 thoughts on “The Conclusion Of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (Condensed Version)”

  1. Though Eve was, apparently, a half-Asian, half-white girl who lived in Africa. What? Otherwise, yay Bob Dylan Jesus and apostle T-Rex!

  2. I like this ending a lot. It’s got better closure. But will someone please explain to me why I’m still seeing “Virtual Boxey” and “Head Muffit” now that the show’s over?

  3. @alicorn I use an RSS feed directly into my brain so the image was jammed in there before I had a chance to stop it.

    But seriously (I would never have an RSS feed put into my brain), based on this image the punchline seems to be slightly better then Scientology’s with DC3 shaped space ships, etc…

    So truthfully, thanks to the creator of the image since it seems to have saved me untold hours.

  4. This many months later, the ending of BSG still irks. But this cartoon is hilarious. Now if Starbuck was flying through the cloud with or without viper it would be perfect..

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