18 Responses to “The Conclusion Of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (Condensed Version)”

  1. I think this way it’s at least funny, though.

  2. So what you’re saying is that the conclusion to Battlestar Galactica is f*#%ing awesome?

  3. RMC– I think he’s saying that someone shoved a crayon too far up their nose before writing the final episode.

  4. Yes – awesome is what it is! Although it could have been improved by Adama riding a dinosaur as pictured above

  5. At least there was less crying than usual.

  6. Spoiler Alert!?!

    I haven’t seen the series, now I know the ending is stupid.


  7. Though Eve was, apparently, a half-Asian, half-white girl who lived in Africa. What? Otherwise, yay Bob Dylan Jesus and apostle T-Rex!

  8. Thank gods someone out there agrees with me… Starbuck = time-travelling space pidgeon?

  9. Looks more like Baltar riding his bony raptorlike Cylon skank to me.

  10. Krys, how can you go to a page titled “Conclusion of Battlestar Galactica…” and NOT expect spoilers?

  11. …mind you, I think Chick could have written better television than what I saw Friday night.

  12. It’s not a T-Rex people, it’s a R-a-p-t-o-r. Piece it together.

  13. I like this ending a lot. It’s got better closure. But will someone please explain to me why I’m still seeing “Virtual Boxey” and “Head Muffit” now that the show’s over?

  14. Wow Subversive Agent, you’re so right…

  15. @alicorn I use an RSS feed directly into my brain so the image was jammed in there before I had a chance to stop it.

    But seriously (I would never have an RSS feed put into my brain), based on this image the punchline seems to be slightly better then Scientology’s with DC3 shaped space ships, etc…

    So truthfully, thanks to the creator of the image since it seems to have saved me untold hours.

  16. I agree?

    Really though, greatest show ever, or just a good show with an outstanding last half-season? DISCUSS.

  17. […] then I was informed of the recent finale’s ending (Warren Ellis’s succinct version at right), which sounded for all the world like the end of Douglas Adams’ “Restaurant at the End of the […]

  18. This many months later, the ending of BSG still irks. But this cartoon is hilarious. Now if Starbuck was flying through the cloud with or without viper it would be perfect..