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From their 20 Graphic Novels You Should Read (After Watchmen):

Fell, Volume 1: Feral City
Written by Warren Ellis; Art by Ben Templesmith

Fans of the parts of TV’s Homicide that played like a hardboiled No Exit will dig this book. Eight mordantly funny short stories about Richard Fell, a misanthropic police detective keeping what passes for the peace in a bleak and bad-mojo-ridden municipality called Snowtown. It’s full of tense close-quarters showdowns in dimly lit spaces and illustrated in a gloomily gorgeous color palette that runs from toxic-sunset violet to busted-nose red.

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  1. Raggi


    Alex Pappademas and Kevin Sintumuang did a great job!
    I mean, they obviously left out a whole bunch of great stuff but that’s unavoidable when you’re doing a top 20. And I like how they highlighted criminally neglected indie titles and “indie-ish” titles (like Concrete).

  2. Steven


    I’m just thoroughly thrilled that one of my favorite comic books has been rightfully compared to one of my favorite TV shows.

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