Two Further Notes On Syfy

1) Two of my Polish readers have just pointed out that, in Polish, "syfy" has a meaning somewhere between zits, filthy and scum. Oops.

2) This came up elsewhere, but: "sci-fi" is a term coined by fanboy no.1, the late Forrest Ackerman, a wordplay-happy man who also came up with linguist joys like "imagi-movie" and "futuristicostume." The term "sf" for science fiction/speculative fiction was coined by author Robert Heinlein some eight years earlier.

17 thoughts on “Two Further Notes On Syfy”

  1. I am fond of “Sciffy” myself (pronounced skiffy) but nobody else uses it so I always feel a bit of a twat when I say it and then have to translate it to sci-fi ANYWAY.

  2. How the hell do they not see the obvious similarity to syphyllis if they do this? “Sweet, my favorite show’s on the syf!” Gotta say I’m Syfy-less than than thrilled at this change.

  3. Doesn’t “syfy” = “syphilis” in a non-polish cyrillic language? Not that it doesn’t sound like a horrible neologism for syphilis in english anyway… “SOZ, fgt 2 menshun lst nite, pos haz syfy drlng, mayb u need to get blood wrk dun. kthxby”

  4. It is a deprecated name for a deprecated culture that will enthusiastically throw any value out the door when told that “Yes, we can” … “Change”. Welcome to the third World.

  5. Wow, did CaptainElectron just make the change to SyFy political? That’s umm…interesting.

    Anyway, the change just happened a few days ago, so now’s as good a time as any to dig this post up. My wife (who never watched scifi in the first place) said to me (who watched scifi religiously back when it was good) “What the F*ck is SyFy? God, that’s an ugly word.

    I really don’t understand why they would rather change the purpose of the channel that already has its niche demographic to something more mainstream than create a new mainstream channel and keep both audiences. They’re freakin owned by USA Networks. Then again, I guess that’s my answer.

  6. I have to agree. The name “SyFy” does suck. At least in Canada, we have the SPACE network, which broadcasts everything from Sci-fi to Fantasy. I may not be American, but if I was on the Executive board for the network, I would have voted to keep the original name.

  7. Glad Im not alone in this one. It absolutely makes no sense to change it to syfy. Obviously, thats not how you spell Science Fiction (Syence Fyction to the ‘tards @ Sci Fi channel). It sounds like the rube who came up with the change in the logo: 1). is mentally handicapped, 2). was smoking some other kind of weed, or 3). his brains leaked out onto the floor because he was picking his nose with an awl.

  8. SyFy matches the shows of late.not to mention Wresling UGH I heard were that ECW was finaly being taken off yeh! ESPN does not have scifi. In UK and Austraila its still scifi great shows. All 5 treks,babylon 5,not to mention only their best original shows. Great movies. What happen here?

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