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  1. Warren, that line has been working its way into the industry ever since it was first published. I personally have always found it to be one of the best summations of activist journalism and narrative nonfiction put forward, at least since most people stopped listening to print journalists. I am not at all surprised that others share this opinion.

  2. Hello, I’m Adam Gallardo’s wife, Melissa. I thought I’d pass on a little more information about this embarrassingly blurry photo. I work at a newspaper in Salem, Oregon. Today was the unveiling of a company-wide quote board. I checked it at 8:30 a.m., saw your quote and promptly texted my husband the photo of it. My husband accurately guessed who had posted it: Reporter Dennis M. Thompson, Jr. Dennis was very pleased to see your site today! Cheers, all!

  3. I’ve had Transmetro books stolen off me by at least five different journalists. It appears that they all love Warren, but are not prepared to pay for him.

  4. Dear Mr. Ellis-

    Just because it was “said” by a fictional character doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    And thanks for Spider. I love lots of your other stuff to, but thanks extra for Spider.


  5. Truer words have never been said about my beloved industry. The only problem is we’re running out of ammunition makers and the triggermen are all getting laid off.

  6. Heh, we’ve had “You’re miserable, edgy and tired. You’re in the perfect mood for journalism.” On the whiteboard in our office for 3 years now (I don’t think we could erase it now if we wanted to).

    Greg Palast Office

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