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Your PLANETARY #27 Update

I wrote PLANETARY #27 two years ago.

As fas as I know, John’s still working on the art. Once he’s done, I imagine Laura will colour it.

Should anything change, the news will appear here. If you see no news about PLANETARY #27 here, assume nothing has changed.

That is all.

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  1. Eric TF Bat Eric TF Bat

    Bet you’re regretting macheteing John’s hands off and making him draw with his teeth NOW, aren’t you!

  2. Evan Canadian Evan Canadian


    I see Planetary #27 in the headline, my heart skips a beat. Then I actually read the post, and the news is… no news. Gaarrghh! Have some sympathy, Mr. Ellis! It’s like you delight in torturing your loyal fans… (oh, wait…)

  3. Cancer623 Cancer623

    Sorry, I didn’t know my thoughts were that loud.

  4. Which is, I guess, making Chapters listing of the Planetary Vol. 4 hardcover coming out on July 7 perhaps a touch optimistic.

    I have even a longer wait, as I’m holding out for Absolute Planetary Vol. II. I have the first one and want its sister. Ah well, good things to those who wait and all that jazz…

  5. totally awesome guy totally awesome guy

    im gonna break into his house and draw it myself. Hope you like stick-men.

  6. Stereophone Stereophone

    I Still Dreaming in thein the Number 27 of Planetary like the dreamer of Ayres Rock!
    It’s a strange world. Let’s keep it that way.(Warren Ellis)

  7. john john

    It seems like Planetary #27 might never be published. It has been two years since the writing was finished. Could you leak the script Mr. Ellis? If the book is never going to come out I would prefer to know how the story ends, even in an incomplete form.

  8. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    If John tells me he’s drawing it, and the office tell me they’ve seen pages, then he’s most certainly drawing it and they’ve most certainly seen pages. Get a grip, man.

  9. john john

    Thats great news! I am too accustomed to a long delay leading to the death of a project. But now I’m curious in your personal stance, not specifically for Planetary. If a series that you finished writing were officially cancelled before the end of its run would you make the script public for the readers?

  10. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    I doubt it.

  11. I’m excited for Planetary #27 but it’ll get done when it gets done. Hounding Warren and John is not going to help.

    Offering mutilated children and puppies as a gift is the real way to get this book rollin’!

    I’ll have some for you tomorrow Mr. Ellis.

  12. The Jester The Jester

    Patiently waiting. In the meantime, I kill my dog.

  13. Don Don

    I’m just grateful it is in production and will eventually see print.

    I can wait — I waited a year or more between the final issuers of Super-Villain Team-Up, I can wait for this.

    At least it’s not Big Numbers (or Stray Toasters or 1963 80-Page Giant or Glory, Youngblood or Supreme: The Return) all over again!

  14. I had a dream a couple of months ago in which I saw #27 on the shelves, but the douche behind the till wouldn’t sell it to me. Eventually I beat him to death with a model of Mjolnir, and walked out with the book, but woke up before I could read it. So close!

  15. Evolution13 Evolution13

    You’re making too much money Mr. Ellis! You don’t want my money for the fourth hardcover and the second Absolute? Anyway Planetary #18 did good for me, I have not reread a comic book, immediately after the first read, since I bought the oversized danish editions of the DK Returns series many years ago, but with “The Gun Club”, I found the excitement that one can only find in comic books, few only find that excitement once, even fewer find it twice – So thank you for that! But still, it would be nice to read #27 before my neural network dies by the un-merciful sword of time………..I’ll return to my beer drinking now……

  16. Oh, I see you’re taking comments.

  17. Just want to add my “vote”: Planetary is my favorite miniseries like ever. A ripping yarn that could only be done as a comic, I believe. And, as an old fart, love the Fantastic Four parody (in the literary sense) underlying it.

  18. Y’know, Warren has absolutely nothing to do with it at this point. John Cassaday is the artist, and it’s his schedule, ability and inclination to work on it that influence the release date now. There’s nothing anyone else can do about it. Even if he WANTED to release the script online, Warren still wouldn’t. At the very least it would damage his relationship with the book’s publisher, and just be an altogether dick move to undercut them like that. Especially for something that is in no way their fault. Anyhow, what’s the hurry for the series to end? You’ll miss it when it’s gone anyway. Try to enjoy all the plethora of other comics Warren and others are doing now.


  19. ted ted

    I just want to say that planetary is something that keeps getting better everytime i read it. I can wait for the elusive #27. But until then is their anything out there even close to as good?

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