15 thoughts on “What Have I Done”

  1. We’ve gotten it bollocks. There’s no translation and the price they’re charging to order it from a bookstore is about a hundred dollars. So I just ordered it from Amazon.com, which is how I presume this particular Brazilian got it as well. For fifty dollars, counting shipping costs and the Fell: Feral City trade I bought as well. As opposed to a hundred dollars from a bookstore, which also would take ELEVEN WEEKS until the product reached your hands.

    So yeah, I’m afraid I’ll understand where this “Godzilla Bukkake” thing came from soon enough…

  2. I think Godzilla’s just getting his own back. MHPs wanted to screw Godzilla. From the picture on that site, it looks like the big guy has turned the tables…

  3. Ah hahahahahahahaha! Now you’ve done it. “Warren Ellis, infamous advocate of Godzilla Bukkake.” I know it’s not actually your creation but… well, it’s often the messenger who gets killed.

  4. They’ve edited the page… down at the bottom, it has a link to this post, along with a transparent gif of the Godzilla Bukkake words. You only have yourself to blame.

  5. Now Mr Ellis, It’s not your fault… you just help boost this harmless kink into the open.

    now we can all enjoy cum on the lizard…


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