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  1. Laudanum Laudanum

    I am quite without words.

  2. This is great. It appeals to two of my passionate loves: H P Lovecraft and Vaudevillian nonsense.

  3. Priceless.

  4. Oh praise Cthulhu that is awesome. :D

  5. ajootian ajootian

    Wow. Feels as good as first love!! ::weeping::

  6. @warrnellis on Twitter – “this is the best thing on the internet today and you should see” – You, sir, are a fount of surprisingly accurate information.

  7. Ian Ian

    Very well shot. Awesome!

  8. Distepheno Distepheno

    Man i’d love to see a rats in the walls musical.

  9. That was awesome. Very catchy HP Lovecraft tune with Vaudeville thrown in.

  10. Jenonymous Jenonymous

    Holy Crap. Must…watch…again…

  11. This is probably the best thing on the internet this week at least.

    Hah, Gillman House.

  12. Reverend Eide Reverend Eide

    This is effing amazing…. completely made my day.

  13. London London

    I, for one, welcome our fishy overlords.

  14. Eamon Eamon

    I just shit myself.

  15. Very nice. A perfect counterpoint to the nightly news.

  16. Some people have some weird things inside their heads!

  17. Have my fish-babies.

  18. Inara Inara

    Thank you. Just….thank you.

  19. Kris Kris

    Mr. Ellis, you have made my friends George and Colin two very happen men today.

  20. Wow! That was thoroughly bizarre. Wonderfully creative, and imaginative, but also bizarre!

  21. Genius! Best thing I’ve seen in ages. :0)

  22. Uncle Obed Uncle Obed


    Distephano, re “Man i’d love to see a rats in the walls musical.”

    then you should check out Alexander Hacke & The Tiger Lillies ‘At the Mountains of Madness’


  23. The Skipper & I were cracking up: it’s priceless! Thanks!

  24. Can’t wait for the off Broadway version:
    Joss Whedon – Lyrics
    Danny Elfman – Music
    Mike Mignola – set design and art direction

  25. Brad Tuttle Brad Tuttle

    Love it!

  26. Craig Oxbrow Craig Oxbrow

    This made it into the Metro this morning. Life is… odd.

  27. Jasho Jasho

    Absolutely awesome. A very good idea, the whole story included in such a few time and even funny…

  28. That’s just brilliant.

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