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  1. Birthday? BIRTHDAY!
    Bring in the bottled Red Bull and pop the corks on the way in!
    There will be no sleeping this week. No sirree.

  2. Happy birthday, grumpy old man! We’ll keep on loving you anyway.

  3. Karl W Karl W

    Well a happy birthday to you as we share a birthday. Funny as it is my gift ended up being Black Summer. Excellent work on that story.

  4. Happy Birthday good sir. May all the blessings of the internet be upon you today. And all the blessings of the Three Wise Men as well: Jim, Jack, and Jose.

  5. MinimumEffort MinimumEffort

    Happy birthday, you crooked dinosaur. How old are you now? Seriously, go retire and play golf or something.

  6. RMC RMC

    Belated Birthday Greetings, many happy returns.

  7. Scytale Scytale

    Wait…does Warren Ellis have the same birthday as Kim Jong-Il?

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