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  1. Thom Thom

    I love how they go through all the careful work to trap them…and then still fight them one on one. Awesome.

  2. Kowalski Kowalski

    Holy mackerel.

  3. Glen Glen

    Well worth a watch it is, still waiting for part 2 to come out on DVD/BluRay because part 1 of the film doesn’t even get to the actual battle of Red Cliffs. And part 1 is two hours long.

  4. RobertI RobertI

    Red Cliffs Part 1 is an amazing film. Basically every scene with Guan Yu is pure gold, and makes me want to re-read…well, *finish* the Romance of the Three Kingdoms books.

  5. Badfolk Badfolk

    Only the Chinese could take a concept like the Phalanx an turn it into something this ridiculously and epically elaborate.

  6. I just wish they’d gotten Chow Yun-fat in the cast as had been originally intended. Still, anything with Guan Yu kicking a stack of asses has my vote.

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