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Social Shrapnel

Everything in Bytescout Post2Blog is still in Tiny Tiny Type. And it doesn’t seem fixable — so weird — so I’m looking for another desktop blogging client today.

It’s feeling like a quiet week anyway. Russian Devil Girl is in Nevada on a hobo-raping trip. Gauger is painting:


Jean Snow is fnally famous in his home town, and has also found some wonderful things this week.

Matt Jones on the iconography and toyetic subtext of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. New Jamais Cascio talk.

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  1. Rache Bartmoss Rache Bartmoss

    If you are using one of the Netbooks, my bet would be that it’s having a multi-touch pad.

    Either try to ctrl + (minus-key) while in Post2Blog or keep one finger on the touchpad while doing circular movements on the same touchpad with another finger.

    On a different note:
    I reread Crooked Little Vein and its style reminded me of bizarro literature. My compliments.

  2. moty moty

    where are the plants ,you could grow watering them and all, that you could connect cell phone/ipod for a clean charge

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