Jamais Cascio’s HACKING THE EARTH, now available in digital and print versions:

What do we do if our best efforts to limit the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere fall short? According to a growing number of environmental scientists, we may be forced to try an experiment in global climate management: geoengineering. Geoengineering would be risky, likely to provoke international tension, and certain to have unexpected consequences. It may also be inevitable. Environmental futurist Jamais Cascio explores the implications of geoengineering in this collection of thought-provoking essays. Is our civilization ready to take on the task of re-engineering the planet?


7 thoughts on “You Need This Book: HACKING THE EARTH”

  1. Yes, yes I do. I’ve always said that the threat of global climate change was best handled by purposefully inserting ourselves into the climate cycles and actively anthro-forming the planet. Fer chrissakes, we’re tool using monkeys. Our evolutionary heritage is that we make tools and alter our environment.

    People have this view of the environment as ineffable. That humans shouldn’t change the environment because any change we make would inevitably be bad, and that we can’t understand it and that we shouldn’t try. Well, we can and should, and sooner rather than later.

  2. As much as the idea freaks me out in a knee-jerk way it seems we don’t have a choice. It’s a bit late for switching out the lights when we leave the room now by all accounts so we have to ask – what do we have to lose? Can’t imagine a more emotionally loaded and contentious issue though, will be a nightmare trying to make progress with it. Will buy it the noo and see what the chap has to say about it…

  3. “What do we do if our best efforts to limit the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere fall short?”

    When do we start giving it our best efforts? Is that right now? (I’m afraid it is, actually. Literally, I’m afraid.)


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