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Love In The Time Of Elective Medical Procedure

“So what we do is take one of those morphine pumps that they implant in the thigh for pain management, and have it deliver a chemical cocktail. Viagra, a mild hypnotic, a little amphetamine. And hook it to a voice-activation chip, reset to respond to certain words from me. ‘Mine,’ for instance. TENS electrodes to numb your arms and legs, connected to a clapper switch. Or we could just get one of those penile erection-implant devices that I could operate remotely.”

“Couldn’t we just, you know…have sex?”

“Do you want the scrotal taser again? Shut up.”

(© Warren Ellis 2006)

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  1. Neil B Neil B

    Oh, how I’ve missed these little bits of flash fiction… I remember way back when you wrote this.

    Any chance that you may start doing some again?

  2. send me love letter

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