Simon Reynolds At The Guardian

February 3rd, 2009 | music, researchmaterial

One of my favourite music writers ever, Simon Reynolds, is now blogging regularly for the web end of the Guardian newspaper here in Britain. This is his first piece:

In the age of Blogger, Live Journal and other online formats for non-professional music commentary, the fanzine ought be on its last legs, a relic of another era, as antiquated as an electric typewriter. Yet strangely zines are holding their ground. People still make them. And it’s not just die-hard veterans from the golden age of the fanzine (approximately 1977 to 1994, punk rock to riot grrl) but younger people who’ve never known a world without email and the web. Although it’s hard to quantify, it feels like the fanzine is making a resurgence in the face of digital culture…

Which I find particularly interesting in light of recent thoughts about Papernet.

One Response to “Simon Reynolds At The Guardian”

  1. WOAH, this is freaky. I JUST started writing the first issue of my zine today. I thought I was being original… :(