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@network 2feb09

* Cherie Priest (first) and Caitlin Kittredge (second) have been shooting new author photos for each other:



Which I post for no other reason than that my friends are pretty and that they’re on tour soon.

* Remember I muttered the other day that 2009 could prove to be the year of POD? Looks like Jamais Cascio may be testing the hypothesis:


* Magdalene Veen is taking off some of her clothes at something called Zivity, she tells me. Track the weird spacegirl here.


* I know I’ve got readers in Tokyo. You people should be following Jean Snow, if you’re not already. Old friend of mine. Arranges great events.

* D’Israeli on drawing the TORCHWOOD comic. Also, a nice preview of his LOWLIFE and other art.

* Bryan Lee O’Malley:


* William Gibson: Steampunk And Hubertus Bigend.

* Irene Kaoru lives:

Good news: I just got an email letting me know that my photograph, “The strange forest,” was accepted into the Work/Wassaic “I Heart Art” benefit show! The show will be February 14th from 1-4 pm and will include bands, an affordable auction, cupcakes and beer! The piece will be a special edition signed 5×7? print.

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  1. KarlK KarlK

    On the issue “the year of POD” have you seen this:

    It’s the new POD direct market site of POD comic printing house Ka-Blam (they also run

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