13 thoughts on “The IGNITION CITY Coupon”

  1. You know, I think this would be a worthwhile contract for my local shop to institute for all subscriptions, so they wouldn’t have to keep sending out e-mails that say “Seriously guys, come pick up your comics or I will run out of money and have to close.”

  2. ^^ I do that every once in a while due to financial necessity, but I always settle up. Last year I spent 500 bucks in one day at my LCS… :-\

  3. I would much rather pay $25 bucks all at once to read an entire story instead of enduring the torture of waiting for the next issue, paying more in the end, and wasting all that paper. Lets hear it for the TPB!

  4. As a retailer, I have no problem with switching to GN’s TPB’s as long as all are FULLY returnable. As it stands now, I have to pay for and keep whatever I order no matter if it sells well or not. The idea of getting stuck with stacks and stacks of non returnable books is not a pleasant one.

    This would also mean creator’s would have to wait a longer period of time, say 4 to 6 months to get paid. Since true sales figures would not be know until the returns come back. As long as everyone’s OK with that, let’s go.

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