SF MAGAZINES: REALMS OF FANTASY Found Riddled With Unicorn Stab-Holes In Magical Glade

More properly, SF/F Magazines, but I want to preserve the search string. SF Scope has the confirmation:

Realms of Fantasy is closing down following publication of its April 2009 issue. Managing Editor Laura Cleveland told SFScope the news came very suddenly, indeed, even Editor Shawna McCarthy (currently on vacation in Italy) hadn’t been informed yet. The only reason we got the story is that rumors broke through the blogosphere today.

RoF was often cited to me as, if you like, "the fourth of the Big Three."

Some people will find meat for the "embrace digital or die" argument in RoF’s somewhat stunted website, which has apparently gone without an update since early 2006, and is filled with bad and broken links.

6 thoughts on “SF MAGAZINES: REALMS OF FANTASY Found Riddled With Unicorn Stab-Holes In Magical Glade”

  1. I subscribed the first two years of their life but with perhaps two original stories per issue and the rest regurgitated SF/F news the cost/value diminished.

    In today’s market, unless you provide enough content that I cannot obtain by surfing the genre’s websites it isn’t worth my investment. In comparison, Analog provides at least a dozen stories as well as editorial content which I cannot find elsewhere most times. Soon, I’m afraid Wired magazine may lose my subscription money if they continue down the road of the last few years especially after the ‘pamphlet’ they sent claiming it was 17.02

  2. I was looking forward to being able to subscribe to this after I got a job. It would have been my first litmag subscription. What a curveball.

  3. I just got the courage to send them a short story a few months ago. Then they close down. What luck? No wonder I haven’t got a reply back from them yet.

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