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  1. Val A Lindsay II Val A Lindsay II

    I’m looking forward to this. Ministry of Space is the model for comic books I look for, so how can this one be a disappointment?

  2. Raymond Conlon Raymond Conlon

    How long has the series been in the works, Warren?

  3. Initially I subconsciously read this as “Inauguration City” and all sorts of crazy things went through my head.

    I blame the media.

  4. This continues to look and sound more and more awesome. Love the tag-line, too.

  5. hmmm. intrigued now.

  6. Steve Steve

    Nice. Is there going to be any back matter in this one?

  7. Looks good. You’ve got me intrigued, so I’ll definitely be picking this up.

  8. danny bob danny bob

    fuck yah!!

  9. I actually can’t wait for this one. Looks really cool.

  10. Yeah! Can’t wait!!!

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